Storytime with Revel Romp Drawing of the Website's Mascot: Revel Romp

Revel Romp is a young party-loving unicorn who loves to have fun and hear new stories! He's that little fellow right there in the bottom right corner. However, the 'Revel Romp' writing this page is a human university student working towards a Computer Science degree. The bill is being paid out of pocket and it is not intended to be used for monetary gain.

The website was created as a repository for the automated readings of several MLP:FiM fan fiction, as zamzar deletes recordings overnight, and Google Drive has a 5GB storage cap. Keeping it on an independant site like this also makes it easier to share with other readers who like to have their stories read to them via digital synthesis. Generally, a story will not be featured without prior approval from the story's author. If at any point an author objects to having their story hosted here, it will be removed from public access.

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